Friday, April 4, 2014

Music relaxation

Beautiful music for meditation

…the glow produced by a state of total awareness, is seen as a burst of incandescence in the entire luminous egg. It is an explosion of light of such a magnitude that the boundaries of the shell are diffused and the inside emanations extend themselves beyond…For seers, this is the moment when they burn from within…And in full awareness they fuse themselves to the emanations at large, and glide into eternity.
- don Juan Matus

Igniting ‘the fire from within,’ burning with a glow of awareness inside, is the moment when all of the inter-connecting parts of ourselves – our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits – fuse in a single, luminous burst of cohesion, propelling us into infinity. And in preparation for this culminating event, the ancients sought to experience their ‘internal fire burning within’ – in their passion for living during their earth-walk, in all aspects of their lives.
Our ancestors watched the moon and galaxies move across the night sky, and daringly laid out their cities and planned their migrations based upon their observations. They noticed how many days of sun were followed by how many days of rain and then sun again, and, guided only by their internal knowing, measured the seasons in months and determined when to plant and harvest. They paid attention to the cycles of sun, Earth and Moon, light and dark, and developed, without precedent, a twenty-four hour system of marking time.
Creatively living lives inspired by the earth and its wonders, those seers shared in the earth’s emanations. They aligned their minds, bodies, emotions and spirits, igniting the emanations they shared with the earth, much like the way air, matter, water, and heat mix to fire the earth’s core, and swam amidst the earth’s currents, receiving and feeling its energetic boost.
This endeavor remains possible today. Knowing our daily cycle of when we ‘simmer with passion within’ and when we don’t, within the cycle of the earth’s light and dark, activity and calm, gives us the power to creatively live and manifest our most longed-for dreams with the ‘spark of presence’ — our ability to bring our best selves to the situation at hand.
And so we must ask ourselves: Do we know when our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits come into alignment, glowing with fervor, and when they calm and cool? Are we aware at which part of the day, afternoon or night we ‘glimmer from within’ and when we ‘cool off?’ And if we are aware of this flow – do we plan our physical activity when we are most physically adept, our work projects and decision-making when most mentally alert, our time with loved ones and friends when emotionally available, our deepest connection with spirit when most inspired, and our sleep and nurturance when we naturally relax?
Aligning ourselves in this way, choosing to live within our own internal cycle of fire and calm in alignment with the earth’s cycle, saves us energy. We may no longer find ourselves running breathlessly after every invitation, saying ‘yes’ out of duty, guilt, or the search for approval or affection. Similarly, we may find ourselves no longer saying ‘no’ to important possibilities, because of lack of energy, being unprepared, and possible fear of failure or looking foolish. Instead, we can develop seers’ impeccability — the art of knowing and checking in with ourselves and our internal rhythm, and deciding when in our days, in our lives, is our best time to act, refrain, share and exude with others, and rest.